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So many potential uses for a unique property in Downtown Bentonville!

March 26th, 2018 by Laughlin House

Ever since Laughlin House has been listed on the market, many people have asked us whether we’re selling it as a B&B.  In short, the answers is ‘maybe.’ Laughlin House has been a fabulous bed and breakfast, but there’s no reason to limit the possibilities for the property. With our location in downtown Bentonville, and our zoning (Downtown Edge), there are tons of potential uses  – both residential or commercial. Here are some ideas we had. We’d love to see what potential buyers come up with!

How about living in it, you know, as a house? You bet! We’ve made no weird or awkward updates to the property that would limit its use to just a B&B – so if you’re in need of a gorgeous house in an ideal location, Laughlin House may be the perfect home for you.

How about an office? Yes! The set-up is perfect for law offices, marketing agencies, co-working space, whatever you can think up! The house is divided into no less than 10 unique spaces in the main house, plus another couple in the garage. The possibilities are endless.

How about an art gallery? We can think of no better setting for all manner of art to display. Add a wine bar or taproom and you’ll have some built-in traffic.

Spa? Cool. We love that idea. There are even two separate washer/dryer hookups, so you can do all the laundry you want.

Cyclist Retreat? Um, awesome. Recently we had a group of eight cyclists reserve the house for the week, and they rode all the mountain bike trails in the area. Plenty of space to store the bikes. Luxurious accommodations for the group. What’s not to love?

Event space? We’ve had some pretty great events here. There’s nothing better than a springtime event in the yard – throw all the doors open, add a bit of live music. The house loves it.

Retail? With those 10-12 unique spaces inside the house, several different boutiques, shops, or other businesses could come together to create a really cool shopping vibe.

How about a restaurant? Well, why not? The zoning is already there – you’d just need to either to convert the kitchen (or garage space) into a commercial kitchen or maybe add a food truck to serve as the kitchen space. Then (for any of these ideas, of course) apply for the appropriate conditional use permit, and … Voila! The house is a restaurant. (Or maybe a high-end bar. Or both.)

Why not keep it a B&B? Great! And if you want to keep our current furnishings, that’s an option, too.

Laughlin House is such a unique, wonderful space. We want to see it continue to flourish after we’ve moved on. Interested in exploring one of these possibilities? Call our real estate agent, Michelle Dearing at 479-366-7321.

7 reasons to visit Northwest Arkansas this fall

September 1st, 2016 by Laughlin House

Crystal Bridges Pond

Fall is an especially popular time to visit Northwest Arkansas. Here are our top 7 reasons why we love this season:

#1: Two words: Razorback Football. Who needs a pro football team when you have the Razorbacks? People around here are serious about our H
ogs. On game weekends, Fayetteville and the surrounding towns transform into a sea of red … tailgaters abound, a crackle of excitement in the air, the sounds of the Hog Call on the breeze. Season starts September 3. Check out this year’s schedule.Arkansas-Razorback-Logo-2001

#2: Bikes, Blues and BBQ. September 21-24, 2016.  Motorcycles for miles — time to get revved up! The third-largest motorcycle rally in the country, BBBBQ plays host to hundreds of thousands of bike enthusiasts, free live music, bike shows, organized rides, demo rides from top motorcycle brands, and a BBQ cookoff for state championship claim.

#3: Arts and Crafts Fairs, October 13-16, 2016. The original War Eagle Craft Fair has brought artisans, craftsmen and craft enthusiasts to the area for years. Visitors can find original, handmade work such as folk art, paintings, pottery, decorative items, quilts, clothing and jewelry, antiques, and more. Now in nine different venue locations around the area, visitors can pick their favorite venue or try to work them all in!  But don’t worry, if you can’t make it during Craft Fair season, you can always purchase local art in our little gift room when you stay with us

#4: Leaf Peeping. It’s no secret that Northwest Arkansas is gorgeous during the fall. It turns into a wonderland of reds, yellows and oranges. The peak week for color seems to vary by year, but late October is generally the best time to visit the Bentonville area to see the brightest colors.  And with the 36 miles of Razorback Regional Greenway Bike Trail linking up all the major
towns in NWA, you can immerse yourself in the color like never before!

Weeks of yard work at Laughlin House

#5: International Mountain Bike Association World Summit, November 10-12, 2016 — right here in Bentonville!  Mountain bike enthusiasts from all over the world will descend on our beautiful town for the IMBA World Summit that includes keynote speakers, educational sessions, an expo, networking and opportunities to explore our world-class mountain bike trails.

#6: Fresh Fall Flavors in our Foodie Heaven: Bentonville is quickly becoming known for its “High South Cuisine”, created by our concentrated collection of talented chefs who specialize in preparing fabulous dishes with seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms. Fall dishes are sure to include creative variations on our favorite winter squashes, seeds and apple dishes. The Downtown Bentonville food scene is THE place to go beyond pumpkin spice. Cannot. Wait.

#7: Octoberfest Beer, of course. With more than a dozen craft breweries already here — and more on the way — you can bet that there will be some excellent Octoberfest brews to taste across the area. Explore the Fayetteville Ale Trail to try several of our favorites. Even more breweries and ciders are featured in the NWA Travel Guide. (Tip: Try the Core Brewery tasting room a couple of blocks from our house. Happy Hour is every Sunday-Thursday from 5-7 p.m. $2 pints, y’all! You can’t beat that!)

See you this fall!

Looking forward to the Bentonville Farmer’s Market, opening April 23

March 10th, 2016 by Laughlin House

With the recent rains, warming temperatures and the emergence of blooms on the tulip trees, I have been hit with a crippling wave of spring fever. In contrast to the stark beauty of our landscape sans foliage, springtime in Bentonville paints a fragrant wonderland of pastel flowers and vibrant greens, and it makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Spring also heralds the coming three seasons of fresh foods and veggies, sourced right from our local farmers.

Rainbow over Bentonville Farmer's Market

The Bentonville Farmer’s Market is a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

Thats right, it’s almost time for the Bentonville Farmer’s Market to ramp back up and take over on the Square on Saturday mornings.

From April 23 through October 29, from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Saturday morning Bentonville Square becomes a sea of farmers, fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, crafts, flowers, local art, candy makers, breads and pastries, handmade soaps, artists, families, dogs, joggers, cyclists, locals, visitors, outdoor yoga enthusiasts, food demos, themed events, parades, races, music, food trucks, general happiness and wellbeing.

It makes for some good eatin’ and some good people watchin’.

The Farmer’s Market is “the” place to be on Saturday mornings in Bentonville. In fact, its so great it was awarded 2nd place in the 2015 National Farmer’s Market competition!

It’s a common sight to see the local chefs perusing the food wares, chatting with the farmers and planning their menus for the week. Or doing food demos and handing our samples…

I’m always happy to visit with Marty from RiverPure Soaps — she’s the sweet soap maker who hand-makes all our soaps for the B&B. My favorite scents are the Patchouli (for myself) and the Lavender Citrus for our guest rooms.

Don’s usually on the lookout for the best deals on produce, meats and cheese for our breakfasts each day. And he likes to watch the local musicians set up on each corner and play for the market-goers.  Our personal favorite is a quirky, energetic band of four called the Farmer and the Markets.

Fragrant spices waft from a variety of food trucks, many relocating to the Square on Saturday mornings to take advantage of the farmer’s market traffic. Kind Kitchen has some great breakfast wraps and bowls – even vegan and gluten-free options are available.

Line at Crepes Paulette during Bentonville Farmer's Market

Line queued up for Crepes Paulette during the Bentonville Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.

(Related side note: Bentonville’s longest-standing and probably most notable food truck, Crepes Paulette, stays parked just up the block in its permanent spot on NE A Street across from the Lawrence Plaza Splash Park — where locals have no qualms about standing in line for an hour or more to enjoy one of their famous savory or sweet crepes.)

It’s also quite common to see dogs of every shape and size leading their people around by their leashes, noses exploring and tails wagging in happy greeting of all the sights and smells. You’re almost guaranteed to spot Twinkie there on a Saturday morning.

The anticipation is killing me! But it gives me something to look forward to and my guests a reason to come back. (Until then, maybe I’ll have time to pop down to the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market, which opens at the beginning of April.)

Only a few weeks more to go. I can’t wait. See you there on April 23!

We’re back – just in time for fall in Northwest Arkansas

September 17th, 2015 by Laughlin House

Come and eat a cookie!

Twinkie - excited to meet you!

Twinkie is excited to meet you!

Well it’s official, we’re back up and running, and it looks like we’ll be nice and busy throughout the next couple of months.  We’ve enjoyed our break over the past year, but we’re more than ready to get back into the innkeeping game.

Our guests have been asking us why we took the break — and we’ve assured them that nothing sinister was afoot. I had begun looking for a part-time job during a particularly slow winter season, and I was offered a fantastic full-time job, instead, and I just couldn’t pass the opportunity up — simple as that! Don and I seized the opportunity to take a bit of a break, travel on the weekends, explore all the new microbreweries in town, dote on Twinkie, and just live normal lives for a bit.

The house didn’t get too much of a break, though. It served as the headquarters for the organizers of the Bentonville Film Festival for about eight months – how cool is that?!

But the B&B and downtown Bentonville beckoned to me.  Much as I enjoyed my time as a normal 30-something, I missed the bed and breakfast. So we decided to reopen — just in time for the busy fall season. Between Bikes, Blues and BBQ, the War Eagle Craft Fair, Slaughter Pen Jam, Razorback football games and other University of Arkansas activities, fall foliage, Octoberfest beer at the microbreweries, and the grand opening of the  Bachman-Wilson House at Crystal Bridges, we couldn’t have picked a better time to get back into the business.

The house has a fresh coat of paint, we’ve taken inventory, made a few tweaks here and there, and are exploring opportunities for how to make Laughlin House even better than ever.

We look forward to hosting our guests and sharing all that Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas has to offer.

See you soon!